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Shipping policy Page

Shipping policy Page



1. Scope of application

2. These rules apply to merchants who enter the Seataoo platform (hereinafter referred to as Seataoo).

1. Delivery method

1.1 Shipping by Seataoo Merchant

Seataoo's overseas platform does not restrict merchants' logistics methods, and encourages merchants to choose their own delivery methods and carriers.

1.2 Shipping from Overseas Warehouses

If the merchant has an overseas warehouse and wants to ship directly from the overseas warehouse, it can be shipped directly from the merchant's own overseas warehouse.

2. Shipping specifications

2.1 The shipping method selected by the seller must be the shipping method selected by the buyer, and the shipping method shall not be changed without the buyer's consent.

3. Time limit requirements for delivery and collection

delivery time

(1) Delivery date

The merchant needs to deliver the goods within 7 days after the customer places the order. If the order is not delivered within 7 days, it will be tracked by the customer service as an order that is not delivered on time, which will affect the rating of the store and the merchant. At the same time, if the order is not delivered within 24 hours after placing the order Goods our system will automatically send email reminders to merchants, please arrange shipments in time.

(2) Delivery regulations

The Seataoo platform implements full tracking of the delivery order, and the delivery is successful when the order arrives at the designated area.

3.1 Delivery: The transaction is completed (referring to the online payment order after the consumer successfully pays), the merchant will deliver the goods within 7 days and should update the delivery status of the consumer's product order to the platform; the delivery time promised by the merchant on the product page and If it is different from the above, or if there is a special agreement with consumers, the promise or agreement shall apply;

3. 2 Commitment time limit: If the commitment time limit is set, the merchant shall complete the delivery and pick-up of the corresponding consumer order within the set time limit;

3.2.1 Merchants can display the merchant's delivery and delivery timelines more accurately on the store details page, settlement page, and order tracking page by setting the promised delivery timeliness, thereby enhancing the store's potential conversion rate and improving consumer experience;

3.2.2 The promotional activities and specific holidays officially launched by the Seataoo platform are subject to the delivery time notified or announced by the open platform.

4. Handling violations

4.1 Management of few pieces and out of stock

4.1.1 After the merchant receives the notification that the goods/accessories need to be reissued, the merchant will directly reissue the commodities/accessories to the buyer according to the agreed delivery and delivery time limit of the order, and the merchant will bear the freight incurred for the reissue. The buyer will return the goods/accessories wrongly sent by the merchant to the merchant directly, and the merchant will bear the freight incurred due to the refund.

4.1.2 The Seataoo platform does not allow merchants to be unable to deliver goods due to out-of-stock after the order is generated. Merchants should check the inventory and change system information in time, and remove out-of-stock products. If the merchant is out of stock and unable to deliver the goods, it is necessary to contact the consumer within 24 hours after the consumer order is generated by email or other means. If the goods need to be adjusted, the consumer should be informed of the arrival time of the goods. If the goods cannot be adjusted, It is necessary to clearly obtain the consent of the consumer, and send an email to order@seataoo.com within 24 hours to submit an order cancellation application.

4.1.3 If the merchant fails to reissue the product on time, Seataoo has the right to refund the full amount according to the buyer's request.

4.2 Overdue delivery

If the merchant violates the delivery and collection time limit requirements of this rule, if the customer applies for canceling the order due to the failure to deliver the goods within 7 days, the merchant fails to negotiate with the customer to resolve it, and the merchant will pay 30% of the order payment amount in addition to the refund of the product price (the upper limit is 50USD).

4.3 The goods have not been received for a long time

If the customer reports that the goods have not been received within 60 days, the refund application submitted by the customer will be defaulted, and the customer will be fully refunded.

4.4 Compensation

4.4.1 If the consumer initiates a transaction dispute application due to the merchant's delivery problem, Seataoo will make a judgment based on the provisions of laws and regulations, the agreement, and the evidence materials provided by the consumer and the merchant and require the merchant to bear the corresponding compensation responsibility.

4.1.2 If the customer does not receive the goods within the stipulated time, or the customer does not receive the goods after the order is completed, the merchant will give the customer a full refund. In case of special circumstances, corresponding evidence must be submitted, and the maximum order completion time shall not exceed 60 days.

4.5 Abnormal reporting:

If merchants encounter special events such as large-scale national events, weather factors, system docking problems, power outages, warehouse inventory, warehouse relocation, etc., they can report for delayed delivery.